Who We Are

We’ve come together with the goal of leveling the playing field for our community. Having spent our careers in this world, we know insurance inside and out. That’s also how we know it’s due for a shake-up. So we’ve joined forces with Deion Sanders, aka Coach Prime, to bring some good trouble to the insurance game.

  • Lacrecia Cade President & Head Coach

    Lacrecia Cade’s career has taken her from general counsel and chief of staff at Morehouse College to head of Aflac’s B2B marketing team to founder of What-If Collective, where she gets to flex her greatest skill: pushing the envelope. A mom to two fierce daughters, Lacrecia’s mission is to leave a lasting impact on the world all while having a little fun. No biggie.

  • Coach Prime Partner & Legit Coach

    Paid Spokesperson

    Deion Sanders, aka Coach Prime, has been a player, a coach and an advocate. His career has taken him from the football field to the fight for equality. As an outspoken figure, he’s been a pillar of strength and support for his community and living proof that it pays to bet on yourself. Coach Prime’s got his head in the game, and his heart in the right place.

  • Brittany Hawkins Assistant Coach

    Brittany Hawkins is a professional problem-solver. Seriously. Like a productivity mastermind. Most recently, she served as chief of staff at Atlanta Life Insurance Company, but her experience spans real estate planning, labor laws and litigation, and financial services. She’s also an experienced traveler, reader and Netflix binge-watcher (respect).

  • Justin Askew Finance Whiz

    Justin Askew was once just a kid from Georgia who loved numbers – before going on to manage multi-million dollar financial portfolios (nbd). He holds degrees in finance and accounting, and most recently served as director of finance at Atlanta Life Insurance Company. When Justin’s not crunching numbers, you’ll find him playing sports and spending time with his wife and daughters.