Overcoming Hurdles

Too Blessed for Financial Stress

Money worries keeping you up at night? Scared to look at your bank account? You’re not alone.

More than 2 in 3 Americans are experiencing financial anxiety,1 and the stress of these money problems makes you far more likely to have sleepless nights and suffer from depression.2 But believe it or not, you can use supplemental insurance to help alleviate your financial stress and overcome your money anxiety before your next night out.

Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to peace of mind

Every pro quarterback has a blind side in the pocket, just like everyone has a financial blind side—the expenses you don’t see coming. All it takes is one car accident, one sports injury, or one cancer diagnosis to turn your finances, not to mention your life, upside down. And because there’s no telling how much the unexpected will cost, you won’t know if you have enough money stored away until you get the bill. Talk about a headache!

Ready to Game Plan?

Fortunately, supplemental insurance can help provide some relief.

By helping protect your financial blind side, supplemental insurance can help give you peace of mind. If the unexpected catches you by surprise, supplemental insurance carriers can pay cash to help. This payout provides you with a financial cushion, helping you with everyday needs like food and gas, or helping you pay for any part of the medical bill that traditional health insurance doesn’t cover.

More than anything, supplemental insurance helps provide a safety net for both your physical and financial health, helping you sleep deeply—and peacefully.

Ready to game plan?

We can direct you to an insurance provider who can help. Let's start with the basics–what type of insurance are you interested in? We do not sell or share your information. We will use it to send you personalized information based on your interests.

What type of insurance are you interested in?

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