Bad Plays

Protect Ya Check

Yes, we can dream. But let’s be real for a second — nobody’s superhuman, and getting sick or injured happens even to the healthiest of us.

And you know what that means for the 51 million American adults working without disability insurance?1 Not getting paid. Play it smart and look into disability insurance to make sure you’ve still got checks coming in after getting sick or injured, both on and off the job.

Ready to game plan?

We can direct you to an insurance provider who can help. Let's start with the basics–what type of insurance are you interested in? We do not sell or share your information. We will use it to send you personalized information based on your interests.

What type of insurance are you interested in?

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[1] Council for Disability Awareness. “Disability statistics.” Updated 9.30.2021. Accessed 9.15.2022.