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Supplemental Insurance: Ready to Move Back in With Mama?

We’ve all faced unexpected expenses—a high water bill, a car repair, a date who ran your pockets—and we’ve all learned to make do. But no matter how good you are at bouncing back, there are some financial storms you might not be able to weather.

Just over 1 in 10 adults are “very comfortable” with their emergency savings.1 Translation: One unexpected medical expense (say, surgery and rehab for a sports injury) could cause most adults to contemplate moving back in with their mama. And even if your mama cooks the best food in the world, moving home comes with some downsides (good luck having your friends over for a party). Fortunately, supplemental insurance can help you avoid this fate.

Supplemental insurance helps you go home when you want to, not because you have to

If you have traditional health insurance, you’ll probably pay less for emergency medical treatment than if you didn’t have insurance at all. But that doesn’t mean you won’t pay a dime. Even if your health insurance covers the entire medical bill—which it probably won’t—there are other expenses it may not cover.

Think about it. Filling your tank with gas so you can get to and from the hospital, then to and from rehab? The pizzas you order because you can’t cook in your condition? What about those ice packs you ordered when you realized you didn’t have any at home? Your health insurance won’t help you pay for any of that, but supplemental insurance can.

Ready to Game Plan?

Whether you get injured in a freak accident, are diagnosed with cancer, or come face-to-face with another health problem, supplemental insurance can help you pay for expenses you have as a result of your medical situation. In this way, supplemental insurance can help you where your health insurance falls short. Once you make your claim, cash is sent directly to you (unless otherwise assigned) to help cover these extra expenses.

Health insurance didn’t pay the entire medical bill? That’s OK, you can spend the cash on that. Gas? You can use the cash for that, too. Groceries? Yes again.

At the end of the day, supplemental insurance can help you recover from unexpected medical issues physically and financially, to help you maintain your lifestyle while your mama binges her shows.

Ready to game plan?

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[1] Bankrate. “Survey: Majority of US households uneasy with level of emergency savings.” Published 6.23.2022. Accessed 8.11.2022.