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Beach bods are great at the beach, but physical fitness doesn’t always equal physical health. But just like winter workouts help carve the abs you rock in the summer, when current you gets insurance, future you benefits. Read on for why getting the right insurance coverage might be the biggest flex of all.

accident insurance

1. Accident insurance

We might laugh when our favorite cartoon characters slip and fall, but you don’t want it happening to you—injuries from falls send millions of Americans to the emergency room every year.1 But whether you get hurt in a fall, a car crash, a cooking fire, or some other mishap, accident insurance can help you bounce back.

2. Cancer/Specified-Disease insurance

Even the healthiest of friend groups is vulnerable to health’s big bads. In better news? Cancer insurance can help you pay for screenings and other preventive measures to detect the illness early and, if you get diagnosed, overcome the odds.

3. Critical illness

Did you know that someone in the U.S. has a heart attack every 40 seconds?2 Or that every 40 seconds, someone has a stroke?3 That’s how quickly a critical illness can change your life, and why critical illness insurance exists in the first place—to help you live healthy both physically and financially.

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4. Dental insurance

Most people experience oral health problems,4 but no one wants to be a yuck mouth. That’s partly why 175 million fillings are done in the U.S. each year.5 Dental insurance makes a lot of that drilling possible.

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short-term disability insurance

5. Hospital insurance

Between bone-crushing tackles and wrestling with alligators (we see you, “Florida man”), life can send you to the hospital fast. And you know what’s almost worse than being hospitalized? The bill—if you think that chocolate pudding is free, think again. Hospital insurance helps you afford the care you need, pudding and all.

6. Short-term disability insurance

NFL players aren’t the only ones who miss work for health reasons. And depending on your injury or illness, using your sick days may not cover you financially for all the time you need to miss. Short-term disability insurance helps supplement your paycheck when you’re physically unable to work, letting you focus on getting better, not keeping the lights on.

7. Vision insurance

Can’t make out the words on the ESPN ticker anymore? You’re not alone: Nearly 200 million American adults need vision correction.7 But to get that, you need to go to the doctor, something many can’t do because of the cost—even though they want to.8 Vision insurance helps remove the cost barrier, so you can get examined and leave with glasses as big as Spike Lee’s (you know, if you need them … or want them).

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Accident (A37000 series): In Idaho, Policies T37100ID, T37200ID, & T37300ID.  In Oklahoma, Policy T37000OK. In Texas, Policy T37000TX.
Cancer/Specified-Disease (T70000 series): In Idaho, Policy T70000ID. In Oklahoma, Policy T70000OK. In Virginia, policies T70000VA & T70000GVA.
Critical Illness/Specified Health Event (T71000 series): In Oklahoma, Policy T71000OK.
Dental (T80000 series): In Idaho, Policy T80000ID. In Oklahoma, Policy T80000OK.

This is a brief overview only. Coverage may not be available in all states, including but not limited to ID, NJ, NM, NY, or VA. Benefits/premium rates may vary based on plan selected. Optional riders may be available at an additional cost. Policies and riders may also contain a waiting period. Refer to the exact policies and riders for benefit details, definitions, limitations and exclusions.

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